Keeping our home clean and organized is not something simple. It will take us a lot of cleaning and care every single day. This is also time – consuming and difficult for a lot of reasons.


Besides looking unpleasant, if the home is dirty, it will attract bugs like flies, cockroaches and the annoying mosquitoes, which sometimes can be very difficult to get rid of.

The usual “treatment” for problems like this is calling the exterminator. But, actually, there is one simple remedy that can remove all those bugs quickly and effortlessly. Below, you can see recipe for the remedy.





Needed ingredients:


– ½ a cup of vinegar;
– ½ a cup of olive oil (or other vegetable oil);
– ½ a cup of shampoo.

Preparation and use:

All you need to do is pour all the ingredients in a spray bottle and shake them well. When the mixture is ready, spray it on every area of the home where bugs frequently appear.

This is a completely safe mixture for children and pets too, so do not worry about harming their health.

You should start using this remedy today, and you will notice dead cockroaches and flies all around the house in just short period.

Source: Live Healthy With Us