Diabetes is a serious disease which affects millions of people around the world annually. The main causes of the disease are the unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle as well as the high consumption of sugar, which results in increased blood sugar levels and insulin resistance.

Diabetes is a serious disease – it can significantly affect your way of life and make your unable to do your daily activities.

The only successful treatment for diabetes are insulin shots, which you need to take your whole life. Pretty unpleasant, right?

The shots will regulate your blood sugar levels and keep them in check, which prevents other health problems. However, there’s one natural remedy that can do better than insulin shots and works without adverse side-effects.

Fermented green papaya is the remedy that can control your blood sugar levels effectively and prevent the negative side-effect of diabetes.

Papaya is a tropical fruit that contains numerous essential nutrients such as vitamins A and C as well as potassium and important enzymes.

The most important enzyme in the fruit is known as papain. Papain can treat and prevent a wide range of diseases and conditions, while green fermented papaya offers numerous health benefits.

The fermentation process creates active essential enzymes in the fruit that stimulates certain receptors in the cells to respond to insulin better. Fermented green papaya also contains a bioactive compound that has similar effects to insulin.


Peel the fruit and remove its seeds, then cut the central part out into 10 x 10 mm. cubes. Now, make a salt and water brine, then put the pieces in a glass container and pour the brine over them.

Cover the bowl with a cloth so the mixture can breathe and leave it for a week before pouring it in sterilized jars.

To make sweet and sour pickled papaya, the process is the same except for the brine. In this case, you’ll need to pour a mixture of vinegar, brown sugar, sea salt and ginger over the pieces of papaya.

Again, cover the bowl with a cloth and leave it to ferment for a week and you’ll get nice pickled papaya cubes.

Source: yourhealthypage.net