An elder person Erika Schwartz, MD looked at regular meds and wanted to talk to a cardiologist for changes in this regime. He was sluggish, overweight and had damages in thyroid and testosterone, eczema, sleep problems and itching.

After 3 weeks of attempts to see his doctor, he finally got him on the hone. She advised some meds are off to stop the eczema.

The guy said he couldn’t talk with people who do not understand science. They shared the same medical diploma and the talk was over.

After the talk, the man ditched his doctor since she got him on meds for boosting thyroid and removed cholesterol meds. But Schwartz said he cured his hormones and cholesterol naturally and the man no longer had risk of a heart attack.

The thyroid hormones are made in the thyroid gland, butterfly shaped endocrine part in the front of neck. The 2 main thyroid hormones, thyroxine and triiodothyronine are the vital ones and named T3 and T4. T4 is changed into T3 in the cells and goes in the blood flow of many organs. The thyroid is for regulating metabolism and energy too, so such hormones affect us all the time, from heart to brain, to liver and more.

The common issue is hypothyroidism underactive gland, when the gland makes not enough hormones. This issue is from external or internal factors like Hashimoto’s, autoimmune issue when the immunity attacks its thyroid.

Those with hypothyroidism have many signs like weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, dry skin, brittle nails and body heat changes, mood swings, depression, foggy brain, bad reflexes and more.

These signs can overlap with other problems, and still doctors give meds even before they test the thyroid.

Those with high cholesterol and depression are forced to  get cholesterol meds and even antidepressants said Mary Shomon, expert for the thyroid and author of many books on this topic. She added no one cares to check the thyroid.

For those doctors thinking  thyroid is the root of the trigger, Shomon adds a regular test can tell if the person has hypothyroidism. The thyroid stimulating hormone TSH test measures the pituitary hormone of the blood. This tells if the thyroid makes enough hormones, but it never measures the T3 and T4 in the blood.

This is a problem since many people suffer from these signs above and still will get a TSH test. Probably even be stuck on thyroid meds to mask the signs with side effects along the way.

At the end if a day, we all suffer since we treat signs not the body overall said Schwartz, expert for bioidentical hormone cures, wellness and prevention. This TSH test is not good enough for overall health and care.

Is there a better test? Separately testing the T4 and T3 in blood. It is vital to see T4 changed to T3 and it is in cells of many organs.

Schwartz added she likes holistic approach to her patients, ages 16-94, seeing everything from hormones, diet, stress, workouts, supplements. She said looking at the body as a whole is much better.

Also she found that giving T3 to thyroid patients is the best way to heal them. Once they get better, you can change their diet, lifestyle and workouts.

Shomon agreed that thyroid hormones affect us altogether and are vital for healing. Our metabolism relies in the thyroid work. If we lack oxygen or energy for cells, digestion, pancreas, brain, everything will get slowed down, like a gas pedal, this is vital kickstart to humans.

As we said, internal and external factors have influence. Any mistakes people make Is not knowing the link between diet, hormones, environment, immunity.

We live in a toxic world and life has changed a lot, said Emerson Greg, MD, founder of Emerson health and wellness center, Queensland, Australia. It is vital for us to see our diets and daily habits. We have ti know that we are different from ancestors.

Emerson lists toxins, mold, mycotoxins and fungi at his list.

There is evidence that poisons or mold are bad for the thyroid. Also eating mycotoxin foods. Or too much sugar to kickstart the mold. Not eating foods to counterbalance this is another mistake. He never saw a patient with grave’s disease or overactive thyroid who never had problems with mold or mycotoxins.

Overactive thyroid is the opposite spectrum. Hypothyroidism means lack of thyroid hormones in the blood, and hyperthyroidism is excess hormones. Instead of feeling fatigue and weight gain, the person has irregular pulse, strange weight loss and really fast metabolism.

See the foundation first, have good foods and natural foods, also try workouts, have healthy relationships, balance between work and rest and so on.

Emerson added with basic and good habits you will be healthy. He gave questions to ask yourself, do you eat right, do you drink enough water, do you get sun, do you get sleep, do you get workouts, do you get medicinal foods and so on.

Schwartz added to listen to the body. If you can’t sleep at night, eat too late, workout late, keeping electronic equipment next to you like TV being on, etc.

Address these issues and talk to the doctor to pin the cause of the signs – it may be the thyroid and this can be cured naturally.

There are countless reasons for the insomnia, said Schwartz. Just work on improving.

Joseph Mercola, the best known alternative doctor in USA, said it is hard to give just one advice for better health. but he agrees with Schwartz. People can control their health with research and seeking good sources for all things. After that they can consult with a doctor or other experts.

The best top advice he has is that YOU are responsible for your own health.