Our body is a sphere of energy. Ancient civilizations have always focused on the energy points in the body to heal most ailments. Japanese believe that balancing the energy of body is extremely important to lead a healthy life. In addition to it, balance of energy also provides the body with inner peace and harmony.


Each of our fingers signifies an organ and applying pressure at a specific point will balance the body energy which is crucial for our mental and physical well being.

How to apply

  • Maintain a relaxed posture and focus on the symptoms you have. Take deep and slow breaths.
  • Let your opposite hand take each finger, surround it and press with whole hand
  • Hold this position for 2 minutes and you will feel the pulse of your finger
  • Keep your breathing uniform and slow throughout the procedure.


  • It reduces pain and stress,
  • It regulates dream
  • It increases circulation and concentration,
  • It strengthens immunity,
  • It improves skin and cleans the body.


Below is the list of the organs signified by each finger


1.The Thumb

It represents the abdominal organs and helps relieve depression, tension, skin problems, abdominal pains, headaches and nervousness.


2.The Index finger

It represents kidney and bladder. It can heal emotions like fear, frustration, mental overload and physical pain like joint pain, toothache, gum problems, addiction, and digestive obstacles.


3.The middle finger

It represents the liver and bile. It will help overcome emotions like indecision, anger and irritation as well as physical symptoms like menstrual pain, eye problems, fatigue and migraine headache.


4.The ring finger

It represents the heart and small intestine. It can help heal emotions like negativity, sadness and fear of rejection. It will also help heal physical problems like asthma, respiratory problems and digestive problems.


5.The little finger

It represents the heart and small intestine. It deals with emotions like insecurity, anxiety, inferiority complex and will help overcome physical problems like blood pressure, heart failure, sore throat, problems with bones etc.