Honey is one of the healthiest foods in the entire world and we can say that it is true gift from the nature.

Honey is sweet, yellowish-brown fluid that is loaded with healthy nutrients and provides many health benefits.

Cinnamon offers many health benefits, including: it will improve your complexion, efficiently lowers high cholesterol levels, increase blood flow, perfect for heart health, stomach, intestines. Cinnamon will speed up the weight loss process and thus will help you lose weight much faster.



Cinnamon is spice and you can add it to almost any meal. It is advisable to add ¼ teaspoon to your meals and salads, or use it as replacement of sugar.

Combination of honey and cinnamon is incredibly powerful natural mixture that will help you to burn weight overnight. Isn’t that great? Drink this powerful mixture before going to sleep and you will wake up in the morning with less weight. This mixture will provide you incredible results.

Preparation and use:

Take a pot and pour 200 ml of water, add ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder and put on fire. Once it starts to boil you should leave it boil 30 minutes and remove from heat. Put aside and wait until it’s cool and add 1 teaspoon honey.

Drink 1 cup of this super healthy beverage, half an hour before you go to bed.

You should not add anything else in this drink. This potion works while you are sleeping, so you should not drink this during the day.

This powerful mixture will cleanse your digestive tract, but also will remove parasites, fungi and other bacteria, which significantly slow down process of digestion in your organism.

source: http://choosehealthylife.net