The shape and stiffness of the stomach is always questionable.

We all dream of a solid and flat stomach, with visible abdominal muscles, but to admit, we immediately give up after each exercise for a flat stomach with the excuse that it is too heavy.

But without hard work, the fat deposits of the stomach will only precipitate, and this will affect our self-esteem.

The most known exercises for flat belly are crunches, but the plank exercises, even though underestimated, can be very useful in order to get flat abdominal area.

Plank is static exercise, holding the body (light as a feather) stiff as a board develops strength primarily in the core—the muscles that connect the upper and lower body—as well as the shoulders, arms, and gluteus.

The so-called corset muscles are largely exerted when you are standing in the plank position.

It might seem to be easy still, this single exercise will burn much more calories that you can imagine.

The thing is that your muscles are always tense during a static workout. This way they will become stronger in a shorter period of time.

Try to perform these exercises for three weeks. The results will be amazing!

Week 1

Hold the plank for at least 30 seconds. You can increase it to 60 when it gets easy to hold the position.

Week 2

Add another 30 seconds to the time that you used to hold it.

Week 3

Add another minute to the exercising!