Pads for detoxification first time are used in Japan. They are putting them on the soles before sleeping, and in the morning, when you remove them, you will see that every dangerous toxin which these pads got out, make the pads more darker.

These pads are worn on foots, because they help the blood and the limf to circulate better to the rest of the body. Like a result of that, because a lots of people do not move enough today, almost everyone has a weak circulation in the legs, around the ankle, and in the foots.

Positive things of these pads are next: you will feel less tired, you will not have pain in the ankles, and you will have a less headache.

These pads you can make it yourself, on the next way:

Needed ingredients

Onion and garlic


Self-adhesive gauze



Cut it very finely onionand garlic, then add them in boiled water and leave it to weld ten more minutes. After that, leave the mixture to cool down for twenty minutes.Then put the garlic on the middle of the gauze, but do not soak the gauze too much.

Pads set to the middle of the soles, and lay down to sleep. The result that you see in the morning will surprise you.

See video:Kinoki detox foot pads