In order to decrease the belly fat, which are very annoying and effect on our self-confidence, try this incredible drink, composed from lemon, ginger, mint and cucumber, all rich in components that are very important in combat of the excess weight and accelerating the same process.


It is well known that lemons are abudant in vitamin C. They also contain vitamins B and B1, and minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

Regular consumption of lemons offers:
-Injury recovery

– Regulates blood sugar levels

-Precepts renal stones

– Strenghten the immune system

-Possess anti-bacterial properties

-Eliminate harmful toxins

-Fortifies the tonicity


Due to its anti-inflammatory qualities, ginger is often used as natural remedy. Its contents include vitamins, minerals, important oils, amino acids, and antioxidants.

Regular consumption of ginger offers:
– Decreases melancholy

– Decreases fatigue

– Encourages blood circulation

– Aid in breathing issues

– Helps in common colds and flu

– Resolve digestive issues

– Lowers menstrual signs

– Heals sexual immortality

– Treats headaches and arthritis


Mint is very popular plant, usually used as spice. It possesses antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is good for the gastrointestinal system and deals with spasms and getting rid of the gas before swelling. It regulates the digestion.

Regular consumtion of mint tea offers:
-It helps with pores and skin problems like eczemas.

-Fights insomnia and enhances sleep quality.

-Battles stress

-If taken through infusions it can be a muscle relaxant

-Improves blood circulation


This taste vegie is generally 96% water, thus it does not bring a lot of calories with its consumption. It is perfect for a low-calorie diet plan and to fight obesity as well.

The cucumber can offer the following advantages:
-It protects the actual stomach walls

-Reconstructs the mucus of the digestive tract

-It is an organic laxative: it helps in cleaning the intestinal tract

– Regulates uric acid levels

-Assists with preservation of fluids and gets rid of harmful toxins through the urine

-Stimulates the detoxing of the system

Recipe for Cucumber, Mint and Ginger Lemonade
The Ingredients:
-2 liters of water

-1 medium sized cucumber

-4 lemons

-1 ginger

-10 leaves mint peppermint

The Method of Preparation:
Slice the cucumber into thin slices. Next, cut the lemon in thin pieces and take out the plant seeds.

When you do, add the remaining 3 lemons and put the cucumber, lemon juice and mint in the water.

Blend it a little and let it cool for about 6 hours in the fridge. After time pass, the drink is ready for consumption!

With regular drinking, you will be surprised by results!