For this treatment you need a plastic wrap, seaweed moisturizer and bandages.

Coleen is mother of three kids. After the three pregnancies, her body was changed and she needed to get fit as a fiddle. She says that her companion recommended and persuaded her to attempt plastic wrap weight reduction method. She doesn’t have anything to lose, so she chose to try it out.

She reminds that she felt like her stomach was no more alluring and handsome like before she had the kids and she was interested in any proposals that are effective.

For this treatment Coleen purchased some plastic wrap, seaweed moisturizer and bandages.

She used the moisturizer on her stomach before he went to bed. After that she wrapped it with plastic wrap yet not very tight because she was going to sleep with it and should feel comfortable wearing the wrap.

At last she wrapped it all up with a bandage to keep everything in perfect order and went to bed, eager to see the outcomes.

Coleen says: “When I got up I removed everything and immediately measured my waist. I was in stun. I lost 2.5 inches during one night”. She never imagined this could happen to her.

With this technique your body disposes of all the water that remained for the day through sweat because of the moisturizer and plastic wrap.

Look video treatment plastic wrap at home……