The apple is one of the fruits with greater anticarcinogenic properties and this has been demonstrated in many scientific studies. The antioxidants contained in the apple help prevent damage to cells and tissues that are affected by oxidation.

The apple seeds are wonderful and contain highly antitumor compounds. Researchers have discovered numerous antioxidant compounds in scientific studies thanks to the action of phytochemicals.

Anti-cancer apple seeds with vitamin B17

According to specialists, it is possible to get enough antioxidants through a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and it is much healthier than taking pills that in that case if you have side effects.

The phytochemicals have many health benefits and possess properties in addition to those anticancer, allergenic, antiviral, antiproliferative and anti-inflammatory.

But the part of the apple that has the most antitumor properties is its seeds, which are attributed to more potent effects of chemotherapy and without causing the damage caused by this aggressive treatment.

Properties of apple seeds with vitamin B17 to treat cancer

Researchers say the anti-cancer properties of apple seeds are up to 10,000 times more potent than chemotherapy, which clearly does not matter if it comes to light because they could not sell their drugs and treatments.

Apple seeds cure cancer. Something similar to substances such as baking soda or sea water, which are too cheap or even free in the case of seawater.

Organizations and pharmaceutical companies are not interested in letting us know that the cure and prevention of diseases are often found in these types of natural solutions.

The apple seeds are eaten directly or we can mix them with a salad or a juice and, besides having highly anticancer properties, many other properties are attributed to them, although this is the most important without a doubt.

Vitamin B17 treats cancer and is a proven remedy for many types of cancer.

They are considered an antimicrobial agent against bacteria and fungi and are also effective against internal parasites, in addition to regulating high blood pressure and acting as an antidepressant. It also improves the functioning of the nervous system.

Apple seeds; A key study

One of the world’s leading drug makers says that after more than 20 studies, since 1970, they have tested how cancer cells destroy more than 12 types of cancer, including lung cancer, prostate cancer, the colon, pancreas, etc. …

Treatment with apple seeds to fight cancer is 10,000 times more potent than chemotherapy and does not cause damage to healthy cells as if this procedure had worked.

Like damask seeds, mandarins or plums. Apple seeds are rich in vitamin B 17 which is also called amygdala or laetrile.

Vitamin B 17 is a molecule of benzaldehyde and another of cyanide and has been shown to possess antitumor properties

Cyanide and benzaldehyde separately are very toxic, but not only are they not combined, but they are highly antitumor.

The beta-glucosaminidase molecule is found mostly in large quantities in cancer cells. And in minimal amounts in the rest of the body.

Therefore, substances in apple seeds serve and destroy only cancer cells and do not harm healthy ones.