It is believed that over 246,660 breast cancer cases in America will be diagnosed before the end of the year according to the American Cancer Society.

They also estimate that there will be a total of 40,450 deaths from cancer by the end of 2016.

It has now become very important for women to know the signs of breast cancer early on so they can take precaution to protect and treat themselves.

These Are Five Breast Cancer Symptoms That You Should Be Aware Of:

  1. Persistent Cough Or A Hoarseness In Your Throat

Primary cancer will usually begin in one part of the body and then spread out to other parts of the body. They may also form a tumor known as the secondary cancer. It is known that breast cancer can spread into the lungs leading to persistent cough and a hoarseness. It is believed that 60 to 70% of women with breast cancer have this cancer spread to their lungs.

  1. A Change In An Existing Mole Or A New Mole

If you notice a change in an existing mole or you have a new mole then it should be a cause for concern. While moles are usually linked with skin cancer it has been observed through studies that they may also be linked with breast cancer.

  1. A Drastic Change In Bladder And Bowel Movement

In patients with breast cancer their is a dryness of their urethra and in effect the bladder becomes quite hard to control and this condition is referred to as incontinence.

Symptoms if incontinence include:

  • Involuntary urination when you cough, exercise, laugh or sneeze.
  • Having a strong urge to urinate.
  • Urinating longer than normal.
  1. Back Pain

It is believed that about 8 of 10 people in America will have one form of back pain or the other in their lifetime, this condition could also be a symptom of breast cancer and if the cancer spreads to the spine the sufferers could experience a lot of pressure on their back and rib area.

  1. Tiredness And Fatigue

Breast cancer causes the sufferer to be tired often even after adequate rest and sleep. However, fatigue caused by cancer also comes with other symptoms like depression, sleeping disorders and pain. It is believed that the tiredness and fatigue is as a result of the cancer.

Watch the video below for information on how to reduce your risk of breast cancer: