Thousands of people worldwide suffer from discomfort of back pain, but that doesn’t mean that you have to welcome it into your life without a fight. Whether it’s from an injury, illness, or old age, back pain can be mitigated with the right knowledge and care.

10 Ways to Get Rid of Back Pain:

1. Keep your feet warm

Take note: Back pain can be attributed to more than your muscles or vessels. Certain abdominal inflammations, like peritonitis, will cause you back pain — and you definitely don’t want to apply heat straight to your back in such a case because it will cause the inflammation to increase.

To avoid it, you need to keep your feet and bottom warm and certainly see a specialist since those inflammations can only be cured by antibiotics.

2. Change your sleeping habits

Bad mattress support will cause back pain. You may also want to vary your sleeping positions and add a pillow between or under your knees to reduce the tension on your knees and back.

3. Nerve stimulation and acupuncture

Ask your physition to impliment nerve stimulation — it proved to be sucsessful in several treatments of chronic pain — and if you want to avoid a trip to a hospital — use acupuncture or acupressure.

4. Stretch and relax

Stretching and relaxation, as well as regular training, release endorphins into your brain. This creates the feeling of happiness and also reduces tension in your body, all while building stronger muscles.

5. Try yoga and flexibility training

Very often, pain is caused by tension and tightness. By increasing your flexibility, you will release some of it, and the best method for this is yoga because it works on your flexibility along with muscle relaxation. An important part of it is that it also calms your mind, which will transfer to your body.

6. Train your core

Your back and abdomen have a lot of muscles, and training them creates a “muscle corset” that supports your upper body. If this “corset” is not strong enough, it puts a lot of pressure on other parts of your body, which causes pain. By training your core and abdominals, you will reduce the pain in your lower back.

7. Apply hot and cold pads

This mostly works if you’ve suffered a trauma in the past, and cold pads are best to use within the first 24-48 hours after an injury. After 48 hours, you can switch to heat if it’s more comfortable for you, but always remember to give your skin some rest between sessions. In addition, always protect your skin with clothing or a cloth.

8. Engage your brain

In psychology, back pain is often linked to depression and anxiety. After trying a body workout, try to exercise your mind as well to figure out what creates tension in your body from a mental point of view. Meditation and deep breathing may also help you right away.

9. Stretch your hamstrings

Tension in the hamstrings is a largely overlooked cause of stress in your lower back and sacroiliac joints. So stretching them out several times a day may reduce your lower back pain sufficiently.

10. Reduce or quit smoking

Smoking doesn’t just affect your lungs, blood, and chances of getting various cancers. It also causes blood vessels to constrict all over your body, and the blood flow to your soft tissues is reduced.

NOTE: Even if our tips are working for you, it is always better to be safe than sorry. If the pain persists, you should see a specialist, like your general therapist or a chiropractor.