Fast diet with tomato will help you lose up to 5 kg in five days.

To make tomato diet effective and successful, you must strictly adhere to the recommended diet plan. The basic guideline is that for a period of 5 days at each meal you consume larger amounts of tomato in all its forms (fresh, filtered, cooked, etc.).

It is recommended to use fresh tomato that is extremely rich in vitamin C because heat processed food loses almost all curative properties, but still cooked tomatoes has its effect on our body because he is exceptional protection and prevention against free radicals.


Recommendation four meals during the day along with that we eat larger quantities of fresh tomatoes or cooked tomatoes (puree and tomato juice) .If you do not manage to eliminate excess weight and you’re pushing more and play a variety of popular diets weight loss with less or almost no success, you definitely need to try this one.

One study of American scientists conducted an experiment where one group of people overwritten “magic potion” in the form of a cup of tomato juice that they had been drunk every day, the other group did not get. It is confirmed that people who drank the beverage of tomato for a period of one week lost several kilograms more than the other participants.

Tomato juice recipe


10 kg of tomatoes (you can use more or less -by your need)

1.5 teaspoon salt (added the same amount for every new 10 kg)

How to make tomato juice

First you need to wash the tomatoes and remove the stalk and all the immature or damaged parts. Than shred into smaller cubes and place it in a larger pot for cooking.

When you do this carefully mash hands and cook on low heat with gentle stirring, until the skins begin to separate. When it’s cooked put it through extractors that you installed above another clean pot. Strain tomatoes to the moment on the extractors are not left alone foreskin. Now return the pot to the stove top and then gently simmer until mixture thickens. This is indicated when there is no white foam that forms during cooking. 30 minutes before end of cooking add the aforementioned amount of salt (or a little sugar) .

At the end, tomato juice needs to be stored through sterile glass bottles or jars and well close them.

Almost every strict and restrictive diet is dangerous to our health, primarily due to poor intake of vitamins and minerals with food. Tomato juice not only speeds up the metabolism and helps losing weight but also significantly compensated for the lack of vitamin vitamin C. It is significant because what our body facilitates the production of amino acids that participate and the degradation of fat in the body and up to 11%.

Tomato diet will allow you to with a red magic juice melt up to 30% of the room with compartment stomach. If the tomato diet combined with this excellent drink, the chances of fat loss you much higher – nutritionists claim up to a whopping 3x.

This drink if prepared without sugar causes a slight alkaline reaction of the organism. The biggest trick with this juice is that in addition to being extremely healthy on successfully stops the hunger. Tomato juice in very small quantities provides our body with all necessary nutrients, and thereby deceive the hunger and we are moving away from the table.