The accumulation of fat deposits in unwanted places, such as the stomach, often makes us unhappy and dissatisfied with our appearance.

The most common cause of this phenomenon is the diet, ie excessive intake of calories, carbohydrates and sugars, but also stress, certain medications, and hormonal disbalance. The bad side of these fat builders is that they are full of toxins that poison the body and cause health problems.

Today, we present an easy and simple solution to help you get rid of these fats and cleanse the body from the above mentioned poisons.
All you will need for preparing this drink is 2-3 tbsp. flaxseed and four cups of boiled, hot water.

Heat the water until the first boil and add the tablespoons of flaxseed. Let it stand overnight, covered, and drink it in the morning.

Take a glass of this drink half an hour before each of the three main meals of the day and do this for just over a week, rest about the same time.

Here are the health properties of flaxseed:
– Protects against cancer

– Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

– Moderates the secretion of insulin

– Helps the nervous and immune system

– Returns skin and hair softer

– Increases vitality and energy